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Gainsharing Plans by Masternak & Associates

Masternak & Associates, founded in 1990 by Robert Masternak of Medina Ohio, is a specialized consulting firm focusing in Gainsharing design, installation, training, and monitoring activities. Mr. Masternak’s philosophy is that clients are served best by a strict focus on all aspects of Gainsharing rather than offering generalized human resources consulting services. Mr. Masternak is an internationally recognized consultant with over 17 years of Gainsharing experience and is the author of the book Gainsharing: A Team Based Approach to Drive Organization Change.

Mr. Masternak has installed “tailor-made” plans in well over 150 companies in North America and in non-English speaking countries in a host of industries including: chemical, plastics, iron, steel, aerospace, health supplies, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, machining, lighting, energy, automotive parts, mining, footwear, glass, defense equipment, distribution, aluminum, metal fabrication, printing, paper products, food manufacturing, and furniture.

Mr. Masternak offers a step-by-step approach for implementing Gainsharing. His Gainsharing methodology includes assessment and organization readiness, preparing management and the organization for change, supporting plan development, identifying and evaluating performance measurements, providing extensive training resources, and monitoring and follow-up support. Mr. Masternak’s unique readiness assessment is supported with normative data from a large number of client organizations and helps reduce the potential for failure. Even though Gainsharing is a powerful tool, we believe that Gainsharing is not necessarily appropriate for all organizations. There are fundamental principles regarding the organization’s culture and its belief in people that are the foundation for success.

If you are interested in further exploring Gainsharing, please call Mr. Masternak at (330) 725-8970 or email at robert@masternak.com. If you desire, many of Mr. Masternak’s professional journal articles are available upon request.

A strict focus on all aspects of Gainsharing design, implementation, training, and monitoring activities.

Gainsharing: A Team Based Approach to Drive Organization Change
Gainsharing: A Team Based Approach to Drive Organization Change

By Robert Masternak

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