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Biography of Robert L. Masternak

Robert L. Masternak is President of Masternak & Associates in Medina, Ohio. Mr. Masternak's sole focus is on productivity and quality improvement through Gainsharing and employee involvement. He has worked with the Gainsharing concept since 1985.

Masternak has extensive experience installing Gainsharing plans throughout North America and has worked in non-English speaking countries as well. He has installed “tailor-made” plans in a host of industries including; chemical, plastics, iron, steel, aerospace, health supplies, healthcare, pharmaceutical machining, lighting, energy, automotive parts, mining, footwear, glass, defense equipment, distribution, aluminum, metal fabrication, printing, paper products, food manufacturing, and furniture. Mr. Masternak has worked in facilities ranging in size from 15 to 2,500 employees, including major corporations and privately held companies.

Some of the companies for which Mr. Masternak has provided services include: BFGoodrich, Polyone, Avery Dennison, Alpharma, Baxter Healthcare, ProSource, Federal Mogul, Nabisco, Sylvania Lighting, Sun Chemical, Sherwin Williams, Westinghouse, UCAR, Dow Corning Wright, PPG, Bryan Plastics, Permacel, Cyro Industries, SGS Tool, Genfoot, Loxcreen Industries, Chapin Manufacturing, NARCO, Ione Minerals, ARCO, Spirex Industires, Hollendar Manufacturing, Hi-Tech Plastics, Cape Coral Hospital, Boulder Community Hospital, Kaiser Permanette, Denman Tire, Pre Mix, Arrowhead Industrial Water, Finger Hut, Bowman Manufacturing, Spartan Light Metals, Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Koppers Industries, Haskell of Pittsburgh, Braden Sutphin, R.J. Tower, Marine Mechanical, McGraw-Hill, Immanuel Joseph Hospital, Hi-Tech Plastics, Armco, Abbott Labs, Mega Diamond.

He is the author of the book Gainsharing: A Team Based Approach to Drive Organization Change, published by World-at-Work in Phoenix. Also his work has been published in journals such as National Productivity Review, AMA's Compensation and Benefits Review, and Operations Management Review. Mr. Masternak is a speaker for employer associations and professional groups and he has conducted well over 100 university and industrial sponsored public workshops on the topic of alternative rewards and employee involvement. His workshop participants have come from a host of organizations including, manufacturing, heath care, financial services, retail, trade associations, labor organizations, hotel and travel, food service, state and local government, education, and even consulting.

Prior to forming his Gainsharing consulting company in 1990, Mr. Masternak had over 21 years of industrial experience and has held managerial positions in industrial relations, international, and organization development. While at BFGoodrich he served as Director of Plant Employee Relations for 13 facilities employing over 4,500. He subsequently acted as an internal consultant in the installation of several Gainsharing plans at BFGoodrich.

Mr. Masternak holds a MS. Degree in Industrial Relations from the University of Wisconsin and a BS. Degree in Economics from Michigan State University.

A strict focus on all aspects of Gainsharing design, implementation, training, and monitoring activities.

Masternak & Associates
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