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Employee Response

Gainsharing is a tool that promotes improvement through joint partnership and commitment of an organization and its employees. An obvious benefit is joint financial rewards generated through improved performance. Perhaps more important, as the workforce becomes more engaged there are dramatic change in both attitudes and behaviors.

A recent employee survey at a southern Ohio facility reinforces this point. The survey was conducted after the first Gainsharing plan year. The following are some of the comments regarding the survey question: "What is working best in regards to your Gainsharing Plan?"

     "A big plus is the improved communications between employees and management. Some employees who just came in to do their 8 hours are now going to their supervisor or manager with ideas on improving the way we do things." - Lab Tech

"The plan has opened people's eyes to the potential of new ways of doing things. (Less waste, more efficiency)." Lab Tech

"Employee interest is up. People talk about the plan on a daily basis. We have discussions on improvements and better waste management." Production operator

"It seems a lot of employees are thinking, Less waste, more gain." Production operator

"Workers are more aware of waste and are try to be more productivity with slow time during the day." Production operator

"I believe the plan is working; it has instilling a sense of pride and empowerment in employees. Also, I believe it is a good morale booster. It is nice to get additional checks, regardless of the amount. Not only are additional funds nice, but also it inspires a sense of accomplishment." Research Tech

"Better understanding of common goals and how to get there." Office Support employee

"Communication between supervisors and employees." Receiving department employee

"The monetary gain, the elimination of wasteful practices, and the team work concept." Forklift Operator/Shipping
Finally, the following survey shows the impact that a gainsharing plan had on how employees perceived their supervisor and company management:

Gainsharing Post-Implementation Survey

There are a number of monetary and non-monetary benefits fostered through a successful Gainsharing Plan

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