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Gainsharing Implementation Steps

We have developed a proven step-by-step approach to achieve the objectives of Gainsharing in your organization. These steps are summarized as follows (a diagram of the implementation flow is also available):

1. Education/orientation for management staff.

  • Evaluating the climate and organizational readiness.
  • Laying the foundation for success.

2. Goal Development, performance measures, and bonus formula development.

  • Identification and prioritizing of Gainsharing goals.
  • Development of performance management measurement system.
  • Calculation development and performance simulations.

3. General employee awareness training sessions

  • Employee Involvement and Gainsharing.

4. Formal Plan Development Phase

  • Education of Employee Design Team regarding gainsharing, roles, consensus decision making, meeting effectiveness, and personal styles.
  • Design Team preparation of plan document.
  • Education for supervisors on employee involvement and managing in a Gainsharing environment.
  • Preparation and kick-off of plant-wide communication and education session on the Gainsharing plan.

5. Implementation Phase

  • Initial involvement team(s) and supervisor training on: the Gainsharing plan, administration of the involvement system, record keeping, establishment of norms, conducting meetings, and providing feedback.
  • Training for general employee population on performance measures, the bonus calculation, and employee roles in a Gainsharing environment.
  • Gainsharing coordinator training focusing on his/her role and responsibilities.

6. Monitoring Phase

  • Follow-up training and critique of involvement team(s), review board meetings, and communication activities.
  • Administration and feedback of a Gainsharing evaluation survey 4 to 6 months after implementation. Development of an action plan.
  • If appropriate, follow-up training for supervisors and involvement team(s) on relationships, teamwork, and problem solving.

Diagram of Implementation Steps

     Philosophy of Gainsharing

Gainsharing: Implementation model

Gainsharing Implementation Flowchart

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