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Gainsharing Training Modules

We offer a series of training modules that support both the pre and post implementation process. Each training session is modified to best fit the organizationís business and culture. Typically all members of the organization participate in at least one of these sessions. We also encourage organizations to develop the workforce by providing regular and ongoing training to be conducted by internal or external resources. The following is a summary of some of our core sessions.


Introduction to Gainsharing (4 hours)
This is an introductory session for management at prospective Gainsharing sites to explain concepts and to determine readiness. A readiness survey is conducted at the conclusion of the session.

Gainsharing Awareness (3 hours)
Similar session as above but the program is geared for non-management employees to explain Gainsharing and employee involvement concepts and to determine readiness. A readiness survey is conducted at the conclusion of the session.

Design Team Training (12 hours)
This program is for the selected members of a siteís Gainsharing Design Team and provides training for the group on their role, how to communicate their progress, consensus decision making, and team effectiveness. A team leader, co-team leader, and recorder are selected during this training session. The team conducts their first meeting, and the Gainsharing purpose and goals are developed.


Involvement Team Training (8 hours)
This program is for employees who volunteer to participate in the siteís involvement teams (i.e., Productivity Team, Quality Team, Cost Reduction Team, etc.). The program is designed to train the team in their role, the mechanics of a team-based suggestion system, methods of generating ideas, suggestion-making, and team effectiveness. In the session the team selects their leaders, conducts their first meeting, and establishes record keeping procedures.

Managing in a Gainsharing Environment (4 hours)
This program for managers/supervisors teaches the key elements of the management role in a gainsharing environment including change management, effective communication, and managementís role in relationship to the involvement teams.

All Employee Kick-Off Training (2-1/2 hours)
This program is taught to all employees at a site to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of how gainsharing works and their role in relationship to their new Gainsharing Plan. The course includes suggestion-making and brainstorming ways employees impact the plan.

Group Problem Solving (16 hours)
This program is typically taught at sites that are advancing employee involvement beyond a team based suggestion system. The session teaches team effectiveness and a group problem-solving methodology. The session is geared toward a team focused on a specific performance improvement project.

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