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Gainsharing – A Team Based Approach to Driving Organizational Change

Gainsharing: A Team Based Approach to Drive Organization Change

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Gainsharing Articles and Selected Reading

One of the objectives of Masternak and Associates is to increase the level of awareness for Gainsharing. One of the best ways of learning is to share one another’s experiences. Even though the concept is not new, we have found that there are many misunderstandings regarding Gainsharing.

Over the years Mr. Masternak has written several articles for professional journals on the topic. The following are a few writings that provide a further insight into the Gainsharing concept and the experiences of other organizations. If you would like to further explore these articles, please indicate the article of your interest and we will be glad to forward you a complementary copy.

We will be happy to provide reprints of these articles upon request. Please use our Article Request Form to submit your request, or call us at (330) 725-8970.

Gainsharing and Lean Six Sigma - Perfect Together.
WorldatWork. Journal, First Quarter, 2005.

This article reviews the link between Gainsharing and Lean Six Sigma. Gainsharing and Lean/Six Sigma are highly complementary systems that are mutually reinforcing. While both efforts are excellent by themselves in improving productivity, quality, and a variety of other measures, both concepts are much more powerful together. In the article a case study involving a pharmaceutical company is discussed.

How to Make Gainsharing Successful: The Collective Experience of 17 Facilities.
Compensation & Benefits Review, September/October, 1997.

This article reviews the collective experiences of 17 Gainsharing facilities from two major companies. What worked best and what would they have been done differently? Fourteen key lessons emerged from the discussion focusing on common success factors.

"Gainsharing: Overcoming Common Myths and Problems to Achieve Dramatic Results."
Employee Relations Today, Winter, 1993/94.

This article reviews some of the common myths regarding Gainsharing. Difference in Gainsharing versus profit sharing and Gainsharing versus traditional incentive plans are discussed. The Gainsharing philosophy is reviewed as well as the commitment required for success.

"Gainsharing Boosts Quality and Productivity at a BFGoodrich Plant"
National Productivity Review, Spring, 1993.

This case study describes the implementation of Gainsharing at a California manufacturing operation. The advantage of a nontraditional team-based compensation system over a traditional individual-based program is reviewed. The article stresses the point that in order to improve quality and exceed production goals, a Gainsharing program must offer more than a new bonus schedule. It must incorporate training, employee involvement, clear communications, and provide for an assessment process to modify the plan as necessary.

"Gainsharing: A Bonus Plan or Employee Involvement?"
Compensation and Benefits Review, January/February, 1992.

This article is a case study of a Gainsharing installation at a facility in Terre Haute, Indiana. The implementation process is reviewed as well as the plan results in terms of both operational performance and attitudinal changes. The article shows that an equitable reward system does not guarantee Gainsharing success; companies must also develop structures that support employee involvement.

"Gainsharing Programs at Two Fortune 500 Facilities: Why One Worked Better."
National Productivity Review, Winter, 1991/92.

If gainsharing is successful at one facility, should it not work equally as well at another, similar facility? This article addresses this question by comparing two gainsharing installations of neighboring facilities in the same Fortune 500 Company. In addition the article is accompanied by a sidebar presentation of four basic principles that form the foundation for gainsharing.

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We will be happy to provide reprints of these articles upon request. Please use our Article Request Form to submit your request, or call us at (330) 725-8970.

One of the best ways of learning is to share one another's experiences

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